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Who am i ? No this page is not about the 1998 Jackie Chan`s movie, although i enjoyed this movie scenes from Africa.
My name is Marcu Bogdan Gabriel. So far i have travelled through over 28 countries. I am 33 year old, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. I am a computer specialist and i work in telecomunications.

12087691_10206204893495660_8141022204434507550_oAs a child, i loved to read Karl May works, especially about the adventures of Kara Ben Nemsi and his friend Hadschi Halef Omar in Africa and Middle East. I dreamed of traveling myself one day into the unknown, to discover new people and cultures, to learn the real beauty of this world.

Kara Ben Nemsi had a pure blood arabian pure horse, named Rih – wind in arabic. I don`t have a horse nor do i know to ride one, but when i had 4 years old i learned to cycle, on a small russian bicycle recived as a gift from my father.
At 22 years old i got my motorcycle licence and in 2007 i went for my first time in Africa, in Tunisia, where i first met the Saharan desert.

From here on i loved to travel with my motorcycle : in 2008 i got to Dakar, Senegal, in 2010 i visited Syria and Jordan, in 2011 i returned in Tunisia and in 2015 i visited Chinguetti in Mauritania. This are few of my travels, i have many more shorter trips through europe and asia. If you would like to read more about my travels here.

In november 2008 i had a motorcycle accident and i got a torn anterior cruciate ligament on my left leg. I had surgery and everything seemed fine, but on 6th march 2013 i had another accident. This time i had a very ugly tibial plateau fracture, and i had to stay almost 6 months confined to my bed . In 2014 i had the plate and screws removed, but the damage to my left knee was extensive and i already have a post traumatic arthritis.

As i recovered from this fracture i rediscovered the bicycle, in fact i was riding my bike even before being allowed to walk with my full weight on the leg, i just took the crutch with me.

Today i want to challange myself and i want to see my biggest dream ever come true : crossing Africa on two wheels .

With a world so beautifull out there and so many paths awaiting, someone’s gotta do it!!


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